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QB50 Project
     QB50 is an international cooperation projects supported by the European Union’s seventh Framework Programme(FP7). 50 CubeSats from over 30 countries will be used to achieve the lower thermosphere multi-point in-orbit measurements and also carry out a series innovative scientific missions, such as formation flying, atmosphere reentry, biological microgravity, solar sail and etc.

    AoXiang-1 is a 2U CubeSat, which is currently being designed and built at the Shaanxi Engineering Laboratory(SELM),Northwestern Polytechnical University(NPU).  AoXiang-1 will have science payload for lower thermosphere detection, three axis MagneTorQuers (MTQ), three axis reaction wheels, On Board Computer (OBC), communication system, Electrical Power System (EPS) and etc. The main mission of AoXiang-1 is for lower thermosphere research. It will carry a Science Unit (SU) named INMS for sampling of low mass ionized and neutral particles in lower thermosphere, such as O, O2, and N2. The second mission is focusing on the methods of improving the reliability of CubeSat that is based on commercial off-the-shelf (COTs) components.

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