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Introduction of SELM
1. Brief introduction 

Shaanxi Engineering Laboratory for Microsatellites (SELM), affiliated with Northwestern Polytechnical University, works on the assembly, integration and test of microsatellite. In the SELM, there is excellent research team consisting of thirty research faculties and more than 80 master/doctor students. SELM has participated in lots of Chinese national space projects (SZ-8 spaceship, Beidou navigation satellite system, Chang’E lunar orbiter, FY-2, FY-3 meteorological satellite).

2. Research facilities 

SELM has advanced research facilities for microsatellites research, such as a three-axis air-bearing simulating system, a 100m2 Class 1000 / ISO7 clean room, UHF/VHF and S band satellite ground station, thermal vacuum chamber and etc. 

3. Excellent CubeSat development ability
SELM has developed a series of homemade CubeSat subsystems, for example, the on board computer, the electrical power system, three axis magnetorquers , three axis reaction wheel and so on. Using these subsystems, SELM could give a very short CubeSat developing turnkey project period, which could be as short as 5 months.   

4. International cooperation of SELM 

SELM is a member of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF). SELM is the main initiators of the international joint research center on moving platform ambient perception, computing and space application, which was granted as the national level international science cooperation base by Ministry of Science and Technology Chinese. SELM is the main initiator of the international cooperation joint research center of Ministry of Science and Technology of P.R.China. SELM has close collaboration with universities and institutes of England,Belgium,Netherlands,Canada and many other countries and has carried many high level international science joint research. 

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