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The AOX-EPS is designed to gather energy from solar panels, and convert, store, distribute power to other sub-systems. It contains a lithium battery unit, MCU control unit, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge and discharge management unit, DC/DC conversion unit, active heating unit and I2C communication unit. It is characterized by light weight, small size and high-power density.



l3 channels of independent solar input, each of which has a maximum input power of up to 15W with MPPT;

lSystem has two 3200mAh lithium-ion batteries (external lithium-ion battery packs can be added if required);

llithium battery over-discharge, overcharge and short circuit protection;

lLithium battery bus voltage: 6V ~ 8.4V (nominal 7.4 V); 

l9 channels of output voltage: battery voltage, 3.3V and 5V power bus with over-current protection;

lWith voltage, current and temperature monitor;

lWith self-locking power-on electricity switch function after separation;

lPower consumption: < 500mW, efficiency: > 80%;

lCharging/discharging current: nominal 1A/2A, maximum 2.5A/4A;

lCharging/discharging temperature: -5° ~ 50°C/-20° ~ 60°C;

lStandard I2C bus interface, compatible with universal subsystems of CubeSats;

lWeight: 80 g (without battery), 190 g (including batteries);

lDimension: 90.17 × 95.89 × 12mm3 (no battery), 90.17 × 95.89 × 25mm3 (including two batteries).

Custom-made Options

lWe offer a range of additional environmental tests according to customer requirements with reports.

Delivery Period:

l6~10 weeks.



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