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    The AOX-OBC uses Monitor Processor (MP) + dual Host Processors (HP) architecture. The OBC system can realize self-checking and status monitoring. Due to its dual-core voting system, the computer has high reliability. It has a magnetometer on the board. In addition, the OBC has several kinds of interfaces such as IMU and GPS. It can be used for ADCS, OBDH and other sub-system control of microsatellites.


lMP + HP architecture to improve reliability;

lVoltage and current status monitoring;

lOperating system and driver package;

lClock: MP (6MHz), HP(120MHz);

lPower consumption: MP (330mW), HP (595mW);

lFLASH: 55KB (MP), 3MB (HP);

lRAM: 10KB (MP), 256KB + 32MB (HP);

lBus: I2C, CAN, UART, SPI;

lA/D: 24 channels;

lStorage: SD Card*3, FRAM*3;

lOperational temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C;

lReal time clock: 1 channel;

lIncorporates 1 magnetometer.

Custom-made Options:

lAvailable accessories plate: two GPS receivers, gyros (2 for monitoring processor, 4 for host processor), magnetometers (4 with high precision, 1 with low precision);

lAdditional environmental tests according to the customer’s requirements with reports.

Delivery Period:

l8~10 weeks.



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