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The AOX-MTQ is a three-axis magnetorquer widely used to control the attitude of the microsatellites. It consists of two magnetic torque rods with metal cores and a small air core torque with low power consumption. The three actuators are independently driven by PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) signals with the I2C interfaces. In addition, the temperature sensors and current sensors are mounted on the PCB to monitor the operating condition.


lTorque output is controlled by digital signals with high accuracy;

lKey components include two magnetic torque rods with metal cores and an air core torquer;

lNominal magnetic moment: 0.22 Am² (air core), 0.45 Am² (each metal core);

lClosed loop control method is used to improve the magnetic moment precision;

lRemnant magnetic moment: < 0.0015 Am²;

lTemperature and current monitoring;

lCompatible with PC104 interfaces and the universal CubeSat subsystems;

lPower supply: 5V & 3.3V;

lOperational temperature: -40°C ~ 100°C;

lMass: 220g;

lDimensions: 95.9mm × 90.8mm × 20mm;

lPower consumption: < 1.5W.

Custom-made Options

lWe offer a range of additional environmental tests according to customer requirements with reports.

Delivery Period

l8~10 weeks.



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