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The AOX-POD is used to deploy CubeSats in orbit. It does not use any initiating explosive device. Instead, a solenoid switch is used to unlock the door. This is much more convenient in ground testing. After every test, you do not need to change any components of the POD. Now the 12U POD is available off-the-shelf. Other kinds of PODs will be coming soon.


lMass: <7.5kg;

lSeparation velocity: 0.8 ~ 3m/s;

lTypical actuation voltage: 28 ± 5V;

lMaximum duration of active current time: <500ms

lPeak current consumption: <3A;

lOutside envelope: 476mm×347.3mm×336.8mm;

lInner envelope (CubeSat envelope): 227.3mm×227.3 mm×340.5mm;

lOperating temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C.

Custom-made Options:

lWe offer a range of additional environmental tests according to customer requirements with reports;

lAdditional Multi-Layered Insulation (MLI) can be added to improve thermal characteristics.

Delivery Period:

l8~10 weeks.



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