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AOX-SP serial solar panels are used for CubeSats or microsatellites. The solar panels use GaAs cells and all solar cells are space qualified. Conversion efficiency is up to 30.0% and even more. Solar cells with a range of efficiencies can be selected according to requirements. Temperature sensors can also be mounted on the surface of the solar panels.



lEfficiency: 30.0%/28.6%/26.0%;

lRadiation tolerant glass cover;

lBoard mounted on aluminium board with space qualified Kapton;

lSpace qualified protecting diode;

lOperational temperature: -40°C ~ 100°C;

lBoard thickness: 1.6mm, 2.0mm or according to customer requirements;

lWire-routing method: integrated or embedded;

lLife time: >2 years.

Custom-made Options:

lWe offer a range of additional environmental tests according to customer requirements with reports.

Delivery Period:

l8~10 weeks.



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