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The AOX-SGPM-1 cold gas microthruster module has the advantage of low power consumption, safe usage and long time storage. It is mainly used for orbit and attitude control of microsatellites. It consists of cold gas generator, pressure sensor, temperature sensor, gas thruster module, control and drive circuits. It can provide a continuous thrust from 1mN to 50mN using a 1×10-4N.s impulse.


lContinuous thrust and impulse can be provided;

l14 gas generators which can offer continuous gas for the module;

lPower: < 50mW, 1.5W (Peak);

lThrust: 10mN ~ 50mN;

lTotal impulse: 30N.s;

lMinimum impulse: 1×10-4N.s ~ 1×10-3N.s;

lSize: 0.7U;

lMass: 640g.

Custom-made Options:

lWe offer a range of additional environmental tests according to customer requirements with reports.

Delivery Period:

l10~15 weeks.



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